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Please CLICK HERE to download the last issue of Bespoke Plus ... We are set for the Linked in To Learn Session through OSOT in Sudbury June 4th ... thank you to the other 10 exhibitors (Theracare Marketing Network, HPU Rehab, Westech Health Care, Advanced Health Care Products, Blake Medical, Shopper’s Home Health Care, Silver Cross Sudbury, Parsons ADL, Power Plus Mobility, Motion Specialities Sudbury) and we will see you tomorrow night ... then we will do it again in Ottawa June 11th ...

I had the pleasure of visiting the People in Motion Show where the new management are doing all they can to build that show and meet as many industry needs as they can ... they are certainly cognizant that the Consumer Show Concept is needed along with all the other folks involved ... It was great to see the larger booth space taken by Sunrise and Permobil ...

Thank you Kathy Ludwig for looking after a friend and beloved member of the community in her last days ... Linda Beacham, Cruiser Member, Traveller, Country Music Fan, Teacher will be missed by many including the wheelchair basketball community ...


49 Bespoke Inc. (formerly RGK Wheelchairs, Inc.)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada September 15, 2009

Ottawa, Ontario — RGK Wheelchairs, Inc., has officially been renamed 49 Bespoke Inc. This has takenplace as a result of growth in the scope of the legal entity originally formed to bring RGK Wheelchairs toNorth America. After a decade of marketing and promoting RGK Wheelchairs and strengtheningrelationships with Varilite®, Ki Mobility, Kenda, and other manufacturers, Russel Simms and Greg Edenhave sold their shares in the company to Reg McClellan. Although the logos for those companies havealways been front row and center, it has been a goal to come up with a generic name for the importer ofthese fine products.

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49 Bespoke Inc. (formerly RGK Wheelchairs, Inc.)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada October 13, 2009

Ottawa, Ontario — 49 Bespoke Inc., (formerly RGK Wheelchairs, Inc.) introduced Wayne Peachand Jaimie Borisoff as consultants working with the company effective October 01, 2009.Wayne will be travelling throughout BC and AB representing 49 Bespoke Inc., and he will alsobe promoting the Elevation Wheelchair, D&D, and Sidewinder Van conversions. Wayne has 34years of experience in the home health care industry as a technician, sales representative,manufacturer representative, company partner, and company owner. His work in the industryhas given him an opportunity to interact with all facets of this community in MB, SK, AB, andBC. Wayne’s seasoned and diverse background in the home health care industry will beappreciated.

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