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Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 203 - Happy New Year everybody!! In this issue of BespokePlus we will talk about the Rehab Equipment Expo, Consumer Shows, Non-Consumer Shows, OSOT Events in 2017, the 33rd Annual Valentine Gala, 49 Bespoke's Annual Open House and some more Bits and Bytes.Read on ...

Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 202 - In this issue of Bespoke Plus we provide updates on VARILITE, our upcoming Open House December 16th, REE January 6 at the Richmond Oval, the OSOT Seating and Mobility Workshop, the first Abilities Event in Canada, Batec Updates, Loop Wheels with CarboLife, and other Bits and Bytes".Read on ...

Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 201 - In this issue of BespokePlus, the first ever Abilities show in Canada at the International Centre, Toronto, January 20-22, 2017 and in conjunction with it, the fifth Annual OSOT event, January 20, 2017. Registration information inside. Batec introduces a new Limited Edition Urban, The Ottawa Rolling Rampage, and as always Bits and Bytes.Read on ...

Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 200 - In this Bespoke Plus we will see that Rehacare 2016 is in full swing at Dusseldorf, talk a bit about the Benoit history, praise the Paralympics games, discuss about titanium chair recycling, talk about some changes in the market, and how the RGK fusion and ADP and ODSP policy changes make it more difficult for some to buy RGK products, along with some other Bits and Bytes Read on ...

Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 199 - In this Bespoke Plus we note that Varilite Junior cushions are now available, provide an update on RGK, talk about BC Accessibility and an upcoming video feature, welcome Rick Shewan to Westech's Team, talk about Paratough, HealthSmart, the 30th Spitfire Challenge, and other Bits and Bytes Read on ...

Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 198 - VARILITE® has a number of new products outlined in this issue of Bespoke Plus. In addition, we report on Ontario's ADP service, RGK's Maxima being toasted, the BATEC Rapid promotion, the introduction of AELITE to North America, trucking around Toronto, and other Bits and Bytes! Read on ...

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1 51BCaldari

49 Bespoke Inc. (formerly RGK Wheelchairs, Inc.) is a privately owned company founded in 2002 to market and promote BESPOKE (custom Made) RGK Wheelchairs in North America.


49 Bespoke Inc.
51 Caldari Road, Unit 6-7B
Concord, Ontario
L4K 4G3 Canada


+1 (416) 661-4499

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10:00am to 6:00pm