Product SKU Description MSRP ea
2BE005 Bearing 8mm Bore with Metal Seal $11.00
2BE007 Bearing 8mm Bore Rubber Seal $8.00
2BE010 Bearing 12mm Bore with Metal Seal $11.00
2BE012 Bearings 12mm Bore Rubber Seal $8.00
2BE015 Bearings 1/2 Bore Rubber Seal $8.00
2BE040 Bearing 1/2 id x 11/8 od x 3/8 (16162RS) $8.00
2BE042 Bearing M28 x 1/2" 6001 RS $8.00
2BE325 Bearings 10mm Bore with Rubber Seal $8.00
2BE711 R10 2RS C3 Bearings $15.00