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20'' (406)

HS380 Ultremo ZX - Bk/Sk 20x0.90 (23-406)

As tire designers the Ultremo is the pinnacle of our ...

Sales price: $86.00

HS440 Marathon Plus Reflex 20x1.75 (47-406)

Schwalbe’s best selling model. The most puncture resistant ...

Sales price: $75.00

HS399 Durano 20x1.10 (28-406)

For mile eaters. Durano is the right choice for high ...

Sales price: $55.00

k193 Kwest - Black 20x1.25 (32-406)

Kwest has a smooth rounded tread with large water ...

Sales price: $29.00

K1046 Karrumba 20x1.95 (50-406)

Kenda K-Rad Checkerboard-shaped knob design Knurled ...

Sales price: $22.00

C1131 Dirt Monster 20x1.95 (50-406)

The Primo Dirt Monster Tire was a BMX staple back in the ...

Sales price: $35.00
Sales price: $40.00

HS331 Jumpin Jack 20x2.10 (54-406)

Born to jump in the dirt. Designed for “Dirt” riding, large ...

Sales price: $35.00

C1157 V-Monster 20x2.10 (52-406)

The Primo V-Monster tire features an all-purpose ...

Sales price: $35.00

K42 Knobby 20x2.125 (57-406)

Ideal for every day use on Sidewalks and Pavements

Sales price: $15.00