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24'' (507)

K1079 Konversion 24x1.50 (40-507)

The Konversion features Iron Cap Belt which both allows the ...

Sales price: $35.00

K123 Street 24x1.75 (47-507)

Ideal for every day use on Sidewalks and Pavement.

Sales price: $20.00

K935 Khan 24x1.75 (47-507)

This Unique tread design makes this tire a great choice ...

Sales price: $20.00

HS407 Black Jack 24x1.90 (47-507)

Versatile tread with good grip and easy rolling.

Sales price: $25.00
Sales price: $42.00

K1047 Small Block Eight 24x1.95 (50-507)

This fast accelerating hard pack tire will keep you in ...

Sales price: $65.00

HS450 Land Cruiser 24x2.0 (50-507)

As always it's ready for any terrain. In northern Germany, ...

Sales price: $30.00

HS430 Big Apple 24x2.0 (50-507)

Air suspension built-in. The Big Apple started off the ...

Sales price: $51.00

K48 Knobby - Grey 24x2.125 (57-507)

Ideal for every day use on Sidewalks and Pavements

Sales price: $25.00
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K50 24x2.125 (57-507)

The Kenda K50 BMX Tire is constructed in the famous ...

Sales price: $15.00

K905 K-Rad 24x2.125 (54-507)

More than 10 years after its introduction, the K-Rad is a ...

Sales price: $35.00